5 How to Videos You Won’t Want to Miss

We love talking about romance novels here are Read Bliss — but the Read Bliss BookTubers are also experts on lots of other things about reading and bookish life! Here are five amazing “how to” videos you won’t want to miss!

How to Succeed at a Readathon

Ready to start a readathon? Jessica (Peacelovebooksxo) is here to help you succeed!

Social Media for the Romance Reader

Want to be more involved in the online book community? Whether you are looking for new recommendations or some new friends who share your love of romance novels, let Sarah from Steeped in Books help you get started!

How To Start Your Own Booktube Channel

Want to get into the world of booktube, but don’t know where to begin? Lisa London is here with advice!

How To Track Your 2019 Reading Goals

Do you have a reading goal for 2019? Steph (Stephs Romance Book Talk) is here to share how she keeps track of her reading goals.

Beginner’s Guide to Bookstagram

Want to start a bookstagram account but don’t know where to begin. Jessica (Peacelovebooksxo) wants to help, with tips and tricks to get you started!

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